Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Haz Yarn

I finally got to take a class on spinning. I have not felt that awkward in a long time but I had a blast. The teacher was great and very patient and full of lots of good information. This is the yarn I made, it took me 2 hours but I have yarn. I have always admired people who say I spun up some yarn for a new sweater I want to make and I am like wow. So someday I will be one of those people. The teacher gave me some chocolate brown, and the two colors here, red and pink to play with and I am thinking a 3 ply of the three colors would make some bright yarn. While I dont have enough to make anything, it will sit in a bowl as my first yarn ever. I have 2 books I have read and there is a lot to spinning, lots of tools and accesories you need. So I will research what all is needing especially for plying and see what I can put together. Who knows I may have that sweater yarn soon.