Thursday, September 18, 2008

Would You Do This Job for $400,000/Year?

Our new president will face a huge job and will bear the weight of incredible responsibilities including:

303,824,640 residents—each with an opinion

A budget of $2.568 trillion in revenuesand $2.73 trillion in expenditures

A debt of $ 9,697,453,381,850

3,537,438 square miles of land

12,380 miles of coastline and 7,476 miles of borders with Canada and Mexico

The world's third-largest country by size (after Russia and Canada) and by population (after China and India)

A government constituency of 50 states, over six time zones and an additional five territories, coordinating efforts with 55 governors

A Congress of 435 representatives and 100 senators, some members of his party, some not

1,436,642 members of the Armed Forces of which he is Commander-in-Chief

A workforce of 153.1 million

An unemployment rate of 6.1% and 12% of the population living below the poverty line