Monday, September 22, 2008

Mason Dixon

I received my new Mason Dixon knitting book Thursday. I looked at all the pictures and decided I need a year to knit all I wanted to knit. I did make one of the mitered hanging dishtowels, very cool and simple pattern. I am thinking Christmas presents. I want to make the peacoat next. I am not big on sweaters, too much time, don't like to swatch and gauge and the time but it is too cool not to have one. NOw I have sat down to start reading the book cos it is too funny and educational. I can't decide if I like this one better or the first one, I think this one, more things in this one I will make than the first one, like the swifter cover, I am tired of buying the cloths, when I can take my ballband dishcloth remnants and make swifter covers.

Thanks ladies for making my knitting life even more stressful because you have given me even more patterns to knit than I have time for.