Monday, September 15, 2008


Working in a cave makes me think of bats frequently and I do sing the batman theme song frequently. OK I digress, I finally saw the latest Batman movie. The guy who plays Batman, Christian Bale, never heard of him, was ok, yes he is hot but...Of course Michael Caine was great as Alfred and Morgan Freeman was great as Bruce Wayne's assistant. Aaron Eckhart, another hot guy, was not really great until he became evil. But The Joker stole the show. I had not seen Heath Ledger in anything before and man he would give Jack Nicholson a run for his money in who played the best Joker. He was awesome. Of course the whole Batman theme is dark because it is good versus evil, but do we become evil in our quest to be good and rid the world of the bad guys? There is a new batmobile and the motorcycle that comes out of the batmobile is pretty cool. Go see it if you have the time.