Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ice Road Truckers and Bridezillas

Last night as I about punched the fat witch on Bridezillas I thought why not send them to the Ice Road Trucker show and make them spend a week with those guys especially Hugh who this year is hauling frozen human waste at 22 tons a haul.

I dont watch Bridezillas often but last night this fat ass really pissed me off. She constantly belittled her fiance, I would have left her fat ass a long time ago. She ated a dozen donuts while she made him exercise so he could get in his tux. She was a trip. I would make her go with Rick cos he would have stopped the truck and put her fat ass out on the ice.

In case you dont watch Ice Road Truckers (it comes on Sunday evenings) these are guys who are driving semi's fully loaded with anywhere from 20-100 tons of stuff so they can drill at the top of the world. This season they are driving across the Artic Ocean which has 36-51" of ice. I would have a panic attack the whole way and totally freak out. My prayers go to ALex and his family cos ALex has a blood clot in his lung. His daughter said at the beginning of the season her dad was going to die, I hope not. Alex is the only one I like on the show. There are 5 shows left and it looks like the ice is melting even though it is -50 for the day, yes that is a MINUS 50 degrees, so the show is bout to get real dicey. If you decide to watch be prepared to sit for the entire hour because the commercials are always about how they film the show and I think BUd is the sponsor so will the show still exist after Belgium takes over?