Monday, July 07, 2008

Bodies Revealed

I know a few cities have an exhibit called Bodies Revealed. It is an absolute must for everyone to go see. I thought it might be kind of blood, guts, and gore but it isn't. It is very tastefully done. You can see about everything you ever wanted to see inside your body and it is amazing. They had taken a body and sliced it into one inch thick slabs and it does look like a white steak with that bone in it. I never knew some parts were so small. The did some reverse casting and showed the blood vessels in various parts of the body, that was the coolest part. There were hearts, lungs, etc that had been riddled with cancer, emphysema, smokers lungs, etc. There were fact cards hanging on the walls around the exhibit and the saddest one is that 65% of Americans are overweight and 70% if heart disease is due to being overweight. Any way if the exhibit comes to your city make sure you go, it is definitely worth seeing.