Saturday, August 06, 2016

Dinesh Souza Hillary Movie

I went to Dinesh's latest movie about Hillary. How anyone can vote for her is beyond me. He does a history of the Democrat party and how they have always hated everyone that is not white starting with Andrew Jackson. I did not know Davey Crockett was a Republican congressman and that most of the sufragettes were Republican. The end is very powerful. If you have time, go see it and see what exactly what the Democrats are doing, stealing America and all that is stands for so the elite whites can control us in one big plantation. There are some painful scenes to watch when the dems attack the black people in the 1800's but it is History and it needs to NOT be repeated. Remember the KKK, the New Deal, Civil Rights Act, Margaret Sanger and her Plannned Parenthood were all started to annihilate all minorities and any whites that stood in the way. Hillary has praised Margaret Sanger many times and praises her work.  Hillary has no heart or soul and is out to completely destroy America and all it stands for.