Monday, July 11, 2016

My Tree Has a Boo-Boo

We had a microburst last week.  I found a large limb out of the walnut tree and some small branches down and the squirrels lost their new nest in the Maple tree.  My neighbors dad noticed this crack in one of my trees and today with the wind it was swaying quite a bit from the rest of the tree.  I have used this company for years to remove trees so today i say goodbye to my tallest tree in the back yard.  The guy that did the cutting was very impressive, everything was a precision drop straight down and filled up the circle in between the 4 trees.  Eventually the other 4 walnut trees will come down when money appears so there is not an accident that will cost lots of money.  I dont need 5 trees in the back yard when i have trees that  line the parking.  Too much shade will not let the sun in for the grass to grow.

 See the split in the Y, it was hollow and was swaying away from the tree today in the wind.

I about had a heart attack when this big limb came down but it just turned itself upside and hung by the rope.

The top is gone, it will open up the back yard even more.