Thursday, July 21, 2016

I Wanted to Cruz into the White House

I am and still am a Cruz fan.  I love that he memorized the Constitution as a child and believes strongly in the document.  I love that he stood up to the RINOs in Congress and called them liars when they went back on their word to their constituents to stand against Obama and his minions.  He is one smart man.  So last night his speech was right on.  He is right that our two biggest issues is that we are in danger of losing what freedom we have left and our Constitution.

I understand why people love Trump, he is not a politician.  However I believe he would have run on the left had Hill not been running.  He is not a Republican and he sure is not a Conservative. He is a petulant child and we already have one of those in the WH currently.  He pouts if he does not get his way and is clueless as to how the government runs.   I will vote for Trump but I do not support him.  We can not let Hillary get in the WH, she will finish destroying this country. For all that she has done in her life she belongs in Super Max not the WH.

Reading all the precious snowflakes on facebook and other sites this morning saying Cruz went back on his word by not endorsing Trump need to get a grip.  He did endorse him just not in those words, he clearly laid out the plan to vote against Hillary.

I found this post on Facebook and he gave permission to copy and paste which I believe sums up the speech from Cruz last night.  I will continue to support Senator Cruz, we need more like him.

Kristopher Boring Cruz congratulated Trump for his victory. He said we must build the wall, which is a nod to Trump's big campaign promise. He said we must vote our conscience up-and-down the ticket. He said do not stay home, which is a call to the never trumpers to go ahead and vote. And he said we must unite our party around the principle of freedom and the Constitution. So what the convention does not understand is that Ted Cruz in his speech gave a challenge to Donald Trump to live up to the principles of the American Constitution, our founding values and the Republican Party. By not giving a simple exhortation to vote for Trump, Ted Cruz instead challenged Trump to earn the votes of Republicans across the nation by living up to our values. That is brilliant!