Friday, June 17, 2016

D25 Fledges

And so the time is to say goodbye to the 2 eaglets this season.  They have both fledged now and are learning life skills such as flying, soaring, riding the thermals, catching their own food, etc. Be safe and soar high.

 This is from Raptor Resource Project:

6/17/16 : Big News for Decorah Eagles!
We Now Have 2 Fledglings!
D25 Fledged at 4:26pm CT today (at 79 days old) after spending the majority of the day on a new branch perch about 20-25 ft. above the N2B nest. We've had volunteers on the ground all day giving us reports and it's quite exciting that D25 took the leap of faith for his/her first flight. D25 landed in one tree, took flight to another, and is presently perched about 70ft from N2B.
D24 also had a great day, and was spotted first thing this morning at the old N1 nest, and then hopped to the *Y* branch. Later Dad Decorah was seen bringing a fish to the N1 nest for D24. Thoughout the day, D24 perched on the Y limbs, and we were treated to some panning and close up shots in the new favorite spot, thanks to our Executive Director, John Howe, who was operating the camera.
Our volunteers have been taking photos all day, and some videos. We hope to be able to post those as soon as they are uploaded to share.
We have no other information for you at this time, but will continue to update as new information is reported. Congrats to Mom & Dad Decorah for another wonderful season, and to our newest fledglings D25, and D24 who is already racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles.
Our immense gratitude to our volunteer spotters today for relaying all the nest news to us. It's been a great day in the Cottonwood!
D25 is 79 days old today.
D24 is 81 days old today, and fledged on 6/11/16 at 74 days old.