Thursday, June 02, 2016

D24 Branches

It's official confirmation of D24's branching!
Raptor Resource Project
13 hrs
6-1-16 ~ Decorah Eagles: We Have A Brancher!
At approximately 7:42PM CT, D24 is the first Decorah Eaglet to Branch! We figured that given the configuration of... N2B that the Sky Walk might be the perfect place to land, and with ease, D24 executed a nice hop flap up, a chance to pose and show us just how big s/he is, and a lovely flight down, and then proceeded to practice a few times more.
The slope and slant of the Sky Walk will give our eaglets more time to build up muscles and wing power to make other aerial assaults, but it is considered a wing-assisted branching, and not just a walk. Interesting to note that D24 is 63 days old today, but also shares a hatch date with D22 (2015) who branched on 6/14 at 77 days, and D13 (2012)who hatched on 3/28 branched on 6/13 at 76 days. We aren't ready for fledge just yet, but the time is ticking down!
Way to go, D24! Special thanks to RRP Executive Director John Howe who was manning the camera at exactly the right time. And thanks also to our video makers!