Saturday, February 06, 2016

Mrs. Wilson's Knitting Circle

Mrs Wilson's Knitting Circle lecture today was mostly a philosophical one, why do we have war, will we ever have peace, what changes did our country undergo, etc.  Some of the things we got from WWI are trenchcoats, wristwatches, medicines to combat new diseases, wireless communication, etc.  
One of the huge changes was for France.  During the war they lost 1 out of every 3 men and many others were inured so much they could not do much.  This put a damper on the next generation as there were not that many men to populate future generations.  This may be why France is so reluctant to get into any war ever.

The pattern we received today was a woman's pullover from wool.  The collar, cuffs and girdle balls were made from angora.  The tie around the sweater looked more like a pointed scarf with the angora balls that looked like a driedel.  The patterns are interesting to read because the gauge is so off from today. I have to wonder what the weight of the yarn was as well as the size of the needle.  The pattern calls for casting on 75 stitches with a size 5 needle for the back.  I don't think that would fit most women today.

I love to go the lectures and get patterns from 100 years ago.  So much history to learn.  If you ever get a chance to go to the museum you should take the day, there is so much they went through just to try to survive.