Sunday, June 28, 2015


This morning Little Cotton Rabbits introduced her latest knitted toy, a boy and girl cat.  I have made her bunnies and posted them here a few months ago.  I have the fox pattern and have started on the dress for Mrs Fox but she will be put aside while I start on the cats.  Her patterns are cheap compared to others and the detail:  well 20 pages of step by step directions with pictures, they almost knit themselves.  She has elephants, monkeys, hedgehogs, and mice as well.  My goal is to someday make them all and have a menagerie with interchangeable clothes.  There is also a pattern for 12 sweaters and 12 dresses.  Go get yourself a pattern and have fun while your animal comes to life.  The first bunny took about 40 hours but the 2nd one took about 14.  Once you get the hang of her patterns you can just walk through them and voila you have a new toy.

Off to find yarn for my kitties, see you soon with a finished pair of kitties. I am doing my girl in black and white as my girls are black and white and my boy in gray as my tom was gray.