Saturday, June 06, 2015

Mrs Wilson's Knitting Circle

Today we had a Lt Col talk about the importance of socks during WWI.  There were so many socks needed that the soldiers never got enough pairs to last or be able to wear a clean pair daily.  They had light and heavy weight socks.  Most soldiers had 8 pair but no place to clean them or get them dry if they got wet.  The Red Cross gave citizens wool that was given by the government to knit articles of clothing to keep the soldiers warm and dry.  The government needed so many socks that they turned any machine that made clothing into sock knitting machines.  They needed millions of pairs of socks to provide the soldiers.  Can you imagine how many pairs of socks were needed to be made daily for the soldiers?  The government did a study and came up with 90 various size of shoes along with socks sizes.  Next time you put on a pair of socks think how much they meant to the soldiers in WWI.