Friday, January 09, 2015

Hey Get in Line!

I bought myself a new bird feeder for Christmas and put it where I keep the hummingbird feeder, it is a winter feeder.  Well the House Finches have claimed it for theirselves and I do believe they had a ton of babies this year.  They sit on the dead trees in the flower bed waiting to get on one of the 4 seats at the new feeder.  (Excuse my dirty windows)

The little finch huddled under the window sill well I am not sure what her story is.  I don't think she is a fully grown yet as she has a lot of soft fluffy feathers.  Wednesday morning I went out to fill the feeders on the front porch and she was sitting in the safflower seed feeder, she let me pick her up and I brought her in.  The wind has been fierce this week and I wondered if one of her wings was messed up.  After a few hours I found her on the windowsill in the bathroom where I had her locked out of paws way.  So I opened the window and she flew off and seemed fine.  Last night she was back on the feeder about dusk sleeping.  When I went to bed she was still asleep there.  This morning she was huddled up on the window sill.  I am not sure what her story is but I am keeping a watch on her.  She is off somewhere now but I wonder if I put out a birdhouse if she would sleep in it at night.