Tuesday, July 08, 2014


This was not an easy year on the Decorah Eagle nest.  There was much speculation due to the harsh and bitter cold winter if the eggs would hatch.  Well they did and the eagles grew daily giving us much to enjoy and learn to love this hatch as we have every other year.  D18 fledged first and was not seen for days, too much rain and other weather.  Finally  he was spotted.  He loved the mulch pile not too far from the nest.  Bob Anderson placed a transmitter on him just the other day to match D19 to see how siblings act once they finally leave the nest area.  This morning they found him electrocuted.  This year the eaglets went through so much and we finally thought all was well.  I can't imagine what Bob Anderson feels cos I know I am sad and crying.  We lost 2 in 2012 due to electrocution.  Nature just sucks.

Soar high D18, look up D12 and D14 and share your stories about mom and dad and your other siblings.  You gave us so much joy and some great information into the life of eagles.  We will miss you.