Thursday, July 10, 2014


Bear with me as I work through the death of D18.  There are many factors that don't allow animals to make it past their first year.  Eagles suffer from lead poisoning by eating meat killed with lead bullets (please don't use lead bullets).  They also suffer from landing on power poles and electrocuting themselves.  We need to see if we can get the power companies to do as much as possible to prevent this from happening. 

I know nature does it's thing and as humans we can't make nature a human "thing."  But there are things we can do to prevent our animals from meeting their maker before their time.

Meanwhile D19 continues to learn how to hunt and soar high in the sky.  D20 continues to improve while in rehab at SOAR.  If you feel like you have some extra money; RRP and SOAR are both dependent on donations and they sure appreciate it.  For all they do they deserve those extra pennies we might have.