Monday, July 14, 2014

Lizards and Bunnies and Cats

Not sure why the squirrel was heading down the tree and where he was going.

Little Bit:  my feral tom, he is 13.

Socks for my niece.

My sweet potato and mint.

My daylilies, they were huge this year.

More socks for my niece.

My aunt's birthday present, I know it is tomorrow but she will get the box soon.

Orange cotton puffs after the storm.

Little Bit and Smudgey, my feral cats.

The clover is plentiful this year, the bunny is surveying the crop.

A new dishcloth pattern:  sink mates found on  Ravely.  The pattern is $2 and the money goes to the Special Olympics. 

He was here last week and is back this evening, isn't he gorgeous.

My poor little rose bush is blooming with not much left.

the baby lizard