Tuesday, November 27, 2012


We lost D14, one of the 3 Decorah Eagles born this year, to electrocution. He was found near Rockford, Iowa. It breaks my heart again as I feel like I have lost a pet. He was the one with the transmitter, which is how they found him. I know this is just nature but it sure sucks. We lost D12 earlier in the year for the same reason and now to lose another one is this year's hatch. We have to get the power companies to fix the power lines so this does not happen more than it does now. D14 we loved you and now you can be with D12 again. RIP D14.
We are sorry to announce that Bob Anderson found D14 dead yesterday near Rockford, Iowa. D14, a 2012 hatch year bald eagle from Decorah, Iowa, was electrocuted after landing or trying to land on a power pole. Bob immediately notified the utility company. D14's body will be sent to the National Eagle Repository, where his feathers and other parts will be distributed for use in Native American religious ceremonies. Bob and Brett Mandernack did a close examination of D14's body. He was healthy and butterball fat. There were no signs of wear from the transmitter or backpack.