Sunday, November 25, 2012

Book Reviews

My fav local yarn store is closing and therefore she is having sales and I had a gift certificate to use. I love books and magazines, I admit it I am addicted. I picked up several books and have to say it is a good thing I am retiring because there are tons of things I want to work on in these books.
Knitting From the Center Out: This is one skill I need to work on, knitting in a circle from the center. My centers need the work. There are hats, scarves, socks, afghans, shawls/capes, and toys. The socks start in the middle of your heel and work around the foot up to the top of the sock, this is the first pattern out of this book that I will be making. The explanations and pictures are great and kind of a cryptic sketch which makes them all the more "real" to me. I look forward to making a lot out of this book. Knitting In Circles by Nicky Epstein. Again this will help me with my centers in knitting circles. While most of the items I would never wear, just not my style, there must be about 100 different patterns for circles which I will definitely make if nothing else as dishcloths and for the practice. She does have 2 afhans made out of circles which I will definitely try. Easter Knits/Knitted Dolls/55 Christmas Balls to Knit: I love to make toys and they are fun. They also give you practice on small projects before you tackle a larger project. These are fun books and I have a garden in the front of my yard that I want to decorate with knitted items. I want to yarn bomb my redbud tree and the two books with decorations will definitely help in that area. The doll book is a book to let your imagination go wild. I give them all a double thumbs up and look forward to enjoying many hours working on the projects.