Friday, November 30, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I place an order from Knit Picks,ok dont roll your eyes, I know another order from KP but I love them, I needed some yarn for my mom's birthday present so it was not a frivolous purchase. Not 5 minutes later I get an email to get a free skein of one of their new yarns with any purchase. Really you couldn't have sent it out 10 minutes earlier. Well I contacted them and they put it in my order. The color is Carnelian Heather which is very pretty. It is washable merino and acrylic. It knits great, thought it would be splitty but it's not. I did a variety of stitches and like the stitch definition. There is only 110 yards so wil make myself a pair of slippers out of it. I would not buy it because of the price, but it is a nice yarn.