Thursday, December 29, 2016

7th Grade

When I was in 7th Grade my English teacher gave us a Christmas Village to put together and write a story about our village.  It was made of stock paper and the houses were a dark teal, orange, yellow, and green.  Over the years I have lost almost all of the pieces and I think I have lost my story as well.
Today at Michaels as I was looking for the ribbon you can cross stitch on for bookmarks next year, I came upon these houses and their embellishment kits.  I found 3 houses and 3 kits.  Ok they are not the same but they brought up the memories I have of that village and how every year I would drag it out and put it up for Christmas.  I looked online for more but nope. So I will have to be content with the 3 I found and put them up on my mantel for next year and write the next chapter in my village story.  I got them all for the price of one house so I feel pretty good about that.

The sugar plum house on the right is a bit gaudy for me, but it will be fun to put them together and use them every year.  The penguin house on the left  is for my niece as she loves her pengins.  I am wondering if I can find a pattern somewhere and make some more. We shall see.