Saturday, October 22, 2016


I took a cooking class today at the Culinary Center.  I have never taken a cooking class and I had so much fun and learned so much.  I went with my 3 knitting bffs.  It was my belated birthday event.  We made a lemon scone and an apple yeast bread.  I learned you should weigh your ingredients because the dry ingredients can pack down quite a bit such as flour when you use a measuring cup. When you use a scale be sure to pour slowly and let the grams on the scale catch up to what you have put in the bowl.    I learned that you should not really use instant yeast as it is to be treated differently than regular yeast.  Regular yeast needs to be poured on warm water and let float to the bottom of the pan.  Also bread flour should not be used for scones but mostly yeast breads. Bread flour has more protein.

I brought home a batch of lemon scones and the dough for the apple bread with the apple and cinnamon/mace combo to make up later.  So in the morning i will make up my bread and let the house smell wonderful.

I love scones and they are easy to make but you have to barely mix the ingredients so the gluten does not make tough scones when they cook. Don't overbake them either  They are great because you can make them plain or put just about any flavors in them you want.

I will definitely take more classes and this was so much fun and I learned a lot.