Monday, March 28, 2016

Indian Corn and Black Cherry Froot Loops

Loopy Academy Spring Semester for Yarn requires:  1) a pair of toe up or cuff down socks, whichever you do the least (toe up for me) using over 225 yards; 2) a solid/tonal yarn and variegated using over 225 yards; and 3) a twisted stitch using over 225 yards. 

I love Indian Corn, it is the candy corn with the brown end instead of the yellow. I like it better because the brown end tastes like cocoa.  I kept a sock theme for this semester.  I think socks should be fun.  I don't get those people who use variegated yarn and stress over the fact that their socks don't match, well then use plain yarn.  There was not enough of the 2 skeins to make them as long as I like or make what I had planned, so my total opposite socks.  I love them and will wear them this Fall.
 My twisted stitch is socks again.  The pattern can be found on, look for Froot Loops.  I like Fruit Loops Cereal and so I thought I needed a pair of Fruit Loops socks as well. 
Last but not least are my niece's birthday socks.  The yarn is the Opal Harry Potter colorways.  This color is Harry.  I don't like the red and just did a plain 2x2 rib.