Wednesday, April 08, 2015

D20 turned 1 yesterday

~ Decorah Training Update ~
For more details on Decorah's training, please visit the SOAR website. The latest post is here:
Not only was yesterday (7 April) a happy hatch-day for Decorah, but was a day of training for Decorah and Terrie!
Terrie traveled to SOAR to work with Kay on eagle handling. So, not only was Decorah a trainee, but also served in the role of trainer. Working with an eagle is MUCH different than other education birds!
Kay handed off Decorah to Terrie to hold so Kay could hood him and then put on bracelets and jesses! Hoods are used to help calm birds when being handled and helps to keep handler and bird safe. Decorah has a very large beak and when cast (cradled and held by the feet), the beak is what can do harm to the holder.
So.. new bracelets and jesses, new tail feathers (again), a cleaned room, and a fish-cake! Not a bad day at all! We all hope these new tail feathers will grow in all the way, time will tell.