Wednesday, August 13, 2014

RIP Robin Williams

A couple of years ago we lost a local weatherman to depression.  Like Robin Williams he was outgoing, funny and did a lot of charity work.  I guess if you were not a close personal friend or family you did not know.  Robin Williams dying is like losing Don Harmon over again.  I do not pretend to understand depression.  I can not imagine what it is like to have that much darkness in your mind and not be able to get rid of it.  Greg Gutfeld said your age determined the Robin Williams you first experienced.  I did watch Mork and Mindy and Happy Days, I also watched Laugh-in.  I love RV, the Night at the Museum movies, Birdcage, the HBO specials, and other movies he has been in.  I never really watched what I call his serious movies, but I have them queued up on my DVR.  He had a brilliant mind and was funnier than anyone I know.  He entertained us with an ease that made me stop and gasp as to how he did that.  Such a brilliant mind gone but maybe he can get the peace he so wanted now.  Thanks for the laughter and making our lives a bit happier.