Monday, August 18, 2014

D20 Update

"Boonesfork juvenile eagle (1 July admit) now weighs 10 pounds and the Decorah juvenile weighs 8.25 pounds (22 June admit). Kay said, "Plump, plump, plump." ...
These two juveniles were moved to the flight pen on Sunday (17 August) as she had time to monitor the situation of introducing new eagles into the flight pen with existing 'rehabbers.' Had thought that Boonesfork might try some tentative flights to lower perches, but she and the Decorah juvenile were content to walk about a small area in their new digs. The sawhorse perch they used in ICU was moved with them and last night at the final peek-in, they were both perched on the sawhorse.
No trip yet for the Decorah juvenile to see Dr. Dirks. Upon further reflection of the situation (his wing joints move freely when manipulated and bad fractures need time), we decided not to schedule a visit with the good doctor at this time."