Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Bird Count This Week

This is the first week for the bird counting. I usually have more birds than the count but they are still a little late getting to the feeders, there is still a lot of natural seed out there to be had. They built a very pretty trail not too far from my house and walking it the other day there were a lot of bird, lots of natural habitat and seeds from flowers dying. Yesterday I had: 3 cardinals, 3 Juncos, 3 house finches, 12 house sparrows, 4 doves, 4 gold finches, 1 downy woodpecker, and 1 starling. Today I had: 1 dove, 28 starling, 1 robin, 2 juncos, 1 blue jay, 2 house finches, 3 gold finches, 8 house sparrows. The starling are a mess but I put out bowls of cheap cat food and they leave the feeders alone. I count them because in all reality I do feed them just not bird food. The blue jays also like the cheap cat food and I have seen a sparrow snatch a piece as well. Stay tuned to next week to see what visits and eats.