Thursday, April 25, 2013

Half Price Books

Yesterday I stumbled upon this store while killing time with my dad until the restaurant opened where he was attending a retirement luncheon. I have to say their selection of knitting books was better than my local Barnes and Noble which is really sad. I got $75 worth of books for $20, can't beat that. The larger book Mother-Daughter Knits has a lot of good information on fitting garments better. The Creative Spinning shows how to combine color and since I want to learn to spin thought it could not hurt to have this one. Brioche Socks is all tube like socks (no heels) done in the Brioche stitch which I want to learn. The Toe-Up Techniques will give me practice in this skill which I have done a couple of times but am not comfortable with. They also have an online store with a nice selection. Check them out.