Saturday, April 13, 2013

Book Review

I got some new knitting books, yes I know I did not need them but they called my name. What was I to do? Knit Red is all about heart disease. There is a variety of patterns all done in very rich cherry red tones. There are a lot of patterns in here I will make. Knit to Flatter is about making the right sweaters for your body type. For those of you who knit sweaters you know it takes some time and a large amount of yarn, you really want to make sure you can wear it and it looks good on you. A book I will use a lot. Topsy Turvy is the latest Susan B Anderson book. It is all a two-fer. You make a figure and knit another one and you can turn them inside out. Looks like a fun book, something I have wanted to try, first project out of it will be a penguin for my niece. 60 Quick Baby Blankets are various patterns for small blankets. You could always make them larger. The pattern for the little sheep is also in the book. The patterns all look fun, some lace, some really fun like the monsters, giraffe, owl, alligator. Anyone I plan on working my way through the book and giving them to charity.