Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I am cleaning files and shredding today, too hot to play outside. I found a list of the jobs I have had over my lifetime. I have had some jobs that weren't very glamorous or that most kids today would not even apply for. In the late 60' through the late 70's I did a lot of different things, a lot of manufacture work and it paid well for the time. It used to be that a job was a job and you took what you could get, got in on the ground floor and worked your way up. These jobs like fast food jobs are not meant to be career jobs nor are they to make a fortune. They are entry level positions that teach you responsibility- get yourself up, get to work early or at least on time and leave a little late or on time. Do what you are told and collect a paycheck. When I was in Junior High I worked as a candystriper for FREE. It was a volunteer job but I learned a lot. In High School I worked in the office for $1.15/hour because I did not need that many credits but I could not go home early so I worked in the office doing things like stuffing grade cards in envelopes to be sent out, that was fun cos I got to see everyone's grades. I made rubber moldings for weed eaters for $1.65/hour, I detassled corn for $2.50/hour (I was rich). I worked for a moving company that packed up the soldiers at Fort Leavenworth for $2.50/hour and then I became a crew captain and made $3.00/hour-I loved this job and the days were long. I worked for Hallmark making the sleeves for Christmas balls for $2.30/hour. They weren't glamour jobs and some of them were in hot factories with only fans, no a/c. But they taught me a lot and they were an entry to the career I eventually chose. So those of you who think you are owed $100K/year starting out, get in line. You have to start at the bottom like everyone else.