Thursday, May 09, 2013


Since the Decorah Eagles built a new nest and there are no cameras on it; and the Mo Turkey Vultures egg got destroyed and they have not been back to the nest, what am I to do. Well I am hooked on Bella who builds her nests in a Ficus tree in a yard in Southern Ca. Her 2 girls just fledged on Saturday and she is already busy building a new nest for her next clutch. You can view the nest here: You can also watch her feed at the feeder along with other hummers here: Generally we have them around mid April for about a week, mom just called and said she had one in her red petunias. Then in mid-Sept we have them for a couple of weeks. I put my feeders out April 1-mid October just in case. So check out Bella, she is so cute and you get a chance to learn more about nature.