Friday, June 07, 2013

Bravo Cheerios

So there is a new Cheerios commercial that is causing a lot of controversy. Mom is white, the child is a cocoa color and dad is black. Who cares? There are those who want to make something ugly out of everything perhaps because there life is so lacking in anything positive. Instead of making something ugly out of this we need to be celebrating that in this day and age mom and dad still live together and they are raising their child together. I think besides the little girl being extremely cute; children take things literally and when her mom tells her Cheerios make your heart healthy she pours the cereal on her dad's heart. When dad wakes up he is covered in Cheerios and the commercial ends. There is nothing in this commercial that needs to be ugly. Most commercials today are stupid and this rates up there as one of my favs. Bravo Cheerios for making a commercial that puts a positive spin on life.