Friday, March 22, 2013

Dirt, Dogfood, and Paste

The other night on Red Eye there was a story about a mom who created a tee for children with allergies to wear. It is bright red that says Dont' Feed Me and then you check the box of the allergy or write in another one. When did kids start getting all these allergies? When I was a kid no one ever had allergies. And I know why. We ate dirt, not on purpose but if you happened to drop your gum or a piece of candy or sucker or whatever you had in your mouth you picked it up and wiped it off and put it back in your mouth. We all ate a little dirt. Dogfood was tasted to see what it tasted like, it did not kill the dog and it tasted bad but hey it did not kill me. Lastly that white paste that comes in a jar we all used tons of when I was a kid. It was sweet and when you got some on your hands you ate you did not wipe it off. One kid Maxwell ate the brown glue that came in a glass bottle with the rubber lid and he also ate his pencils but then he was weird. I believe if kids were not so coddled and allowed to eat some of these items they would not have the allergies they do today. Also sometimes my mom would tell me to go outside and play and blow the stink off. Childen need to be outside and run off whatever ails them. We rode our bikes, roller skated, played with trucks in the dirt, (see more dirt) and played with our neighbors. We jump roped, played jacks; we were outside as much as we could be unless I was into a book. The nation is raising a bunch of pansies who just needs a little dirt and paste.