Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Gifts

I got some books for Christmas. The Goth doll book I thought make great dolls for Halloween. The cinnamon roll book will get used every monday as I work my way through the book and the Vintage cake book will get used everytime I host knit group. The eagle book is from this year's nest at Decorah and since we lost 2 of the 3 babies it has a special meaning. The ripple book will come in handy when I need to make an afghan for some reason. The knit kit is great for a beginner wanting to learn how to knit. There are a pair of small straight needles and 4 skeins of yarn, enough to make 2 kettle holders as they call it, potholders for you and I. Did you know Larry the Cable Guy made food now, must make some chili next week and make up the corn bread and let you know how it turns out.